Sunday, June 22, 2014


Our Cali trip taught me so much about myself & my friends. I learned a lot of life lessons that I never would've expected. We had tons of fun but of course there were some arguments & bickering that happened. But I'm so glad I went! 
The three most common things we said this trip were
1. "Oh another U-turn... We went the wrong way again!" -I don't think there was a day that we didn't go the wrong way or get lost for a bit. We struggled with directions

2. "Look for a parking spot!" -I don't know how anyone can live in Cali... There isn't anywhere to park or if there is it like $12 bucks! It's insane.

3. "Will you pass me the Chappy?!" - That one mostly came from me because the first couple days I was recovering from my Lake Powell swollen lip incident so they got dry really fast. But throughout the trip we all got pretty dehydrated so all the girls we're saying it too.

It was quiet the experience... Not what I expected it to be but still lots of fun!! Plus we got to play in the sun☀️

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