Sunday, June 22, 2014

6•21 {day 20}

This was probably the most pointless & annoying day of my life. We woke up early around 6 to drive home... We had to pack up & get gas so we technically didn't get on the road till 6:45. I fell asleep in the car shortly after and woke up around 8. When I woke up we weren't on the freeway anymore so I was a little concerned. The girls told me the carpool lane ended suddenly and forced them onto and exit. So they decided to get breakfast while they were off. It literally took us 35 minutes to find the freaking McDonald's but Blaikly insisted that's what she had to have for breakfast. We made a million circles trying to find it. It was ridiculous. So finally we were back on the road when an hour later we hit traffic. That slowed us down a ton! After 4.5 more stops (including Syd peeing/pooping in a cup... Sorta) the AC going out for a bit & getting pulled over by a cop ((yes I got a stupid ticket)) we finally made it home around 8:20. I've never been so glad to see South Jordan in all of my life. I'm glad to be home! 

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