Thursday, June 19, 2014

6•18 {day 17}

The word that describes today was spontaneous. We did everything in a 'spur of the moment' decision. We woke up and decided we wanted to go to the aquarium in Long Beach. That was a really neat experience! We got to pet stingrays and baby sharks!! I loved it.
After that I suggested we go to Huntington Beach... The girls weren't too convinced but I told them that's where all the cute boys were so they agreed to go there. I LOVED it there!! It's the perfect vibe. I love all the college aged people everywhere.
When we were at the beach we stood on the pier looking at all the people (guys) below us. We found some cuties playing football, as we were watching them play 3 really hot older guys walked in front of them. I thought one waved at me so I went to wave back but he didn't see so all the girls started laughing cause I got denied. The guys heard us laughing so they looked up and said "oh is something funny?!" "Haha yeah" I answered! So then he asked what we were doing on Friday "nothing, why?" I answered "there's a party in long beach, you should come!!" 
"Okay, where?"
"Uhhh... Long beach? Haha"
"No but where in Long Beach?"
He said somewhere in long beach then started giving me his number... "Oh you're not gonna remember it" so I started yelling my number! He got it and said he'd text me. So of course we all freaked out when he really did text me later that night! We made more friends in Huntington that day.
For the rest of the day we went to Newport. Right when we found a parking spot we saw a nail salon so we decided to go get a pedicure!
It was so fun! Then we walked around Newport & got dinner at the Old Spagetti Factory.
Then we crashed at Blaikly's grandmas instead of going all the way back to her aunts house. It was an adventurous day for sure!! 

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