Wednesday, June 18, 2014

6•17 {day 16}

Our second day in Cali wasn't quiet as eventful but it was still just as fun. We went to Zuma beach again but today I got to surf!! I had a blast! We spent most of the morning there then we got some ice cream on the way home! 
We decided to go swimming when we got back to Blaikly's aunts house. 
(Yes it was a struggle taking those pics with self-timer) 
Because we were so exhausted & tired we just lounged around and watched movies the rest of the night. I'm still loving it here but being away from home for a week now I'm starting to get homesick... I'm craving a good home cooked meal (I've had a pb & j sandwich everyday the past 5 days) I guess it's just practice for college though. 

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