Sunday, July 27, 2014

7•22 {day 51}

Today was good because I got off work an hour early & it was the only day I worked the whole week! After I got off I headed over to the hospital to surprise grandma. I spent a couple hours visit & taking care of her. She was doing a lot better walking and getting around. I'm glad I got to keep her company. I had a work meeting that night but after I met up with Nate. We went & got shakes then watched a movie the rest of the night... I love relaxing nights like those! 

7•21 {day 50}

Because I didn't work, we went down & Shot the Tube!! It was super bun but pretty cold. 
I was so excited to finally cross "shoot the tube" off my bucket list. It was an adventure for sure. I went home showered then headed off to a work meeting. Later that night Kade picked me up for snow cones & a movie. We saw Dawn of the Plannet of the Apes with Bryson, Morgan, Sydnee, and Brennan. It was a good night! 

7•20 {day 49}

We spent the night with our cousins at the walkers house! When we woke up my little cousins wanted to play some games. 
Later we went on a hike to donught falls...
It was insanely beautiful! I loved looking at the waterfall and all the nature around us.... Breathtaking! The rest of the afternoon we spent playing with the cousins. We had a delicious family dinner then watched a movie. Such a great family filled Sunday!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

7•19 {day 48}

🎢take me out to the ball game⚾️Going to the bees game with some great friends was definitely the highlight of my day! It was a blast!! I'm pretty sure we spent more time getting food, talking/messing around, & taking pictures than we actually did watching the game but that's what makes it fun. 
Since we took the trax there we also rode them back home. Unfortunately we were too into our conversation to realize we were at our stop so we missed it. I had the not so brilliant idea of just walking back to the other stop instead of waiting 20 minutes for the next train... Ya that wasn't the best decision. It took us almost 40 minutes to walk back. But we had fun & made memories doing it. 

7•18 {day 47}

After work I went home for a bit, watched a little netflix, then got ready for the night. We had a work swim party so I stopped by for a bit.
We ate some food, had some cotton candy & snow ones then went swimming! Later I met up with Curtis & we went to pick up miles and jordan. We went to Draper days for a while. 
It was a fun night dancing & walking around. I saw some people I knew so that was exciting! After it got over we stopped by the Whisper Dome on our way back home. 
It was a great night & I'm so glad I got tospend time with my friends!!

7•17 {day 46}

Worked all morning like usual... When I came home I was too tired to do anything so I watched tv with my brother. We went on a little family bike ride but that didn't last long at all cause the bikes started getting flat tires. After that I went on a little run. Then we watched mlvies the rest of the night. It was a super layed back/relaxed night.

7•16 {day 45}

We took trax down to Provo then Morgan picked us up. After that we practically spent the whole day together. We stayed at 7 peaks for a while then went back to Morgans & had pizza, snow cones, & watched SYTYCD. It was a much needed girls day!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

7•15 {day 44}

The day started off like any other... At work. When I was done I just watched tv with my brothers for a couple hours. Then we went over to moms so we could have dinner with a family from Talin's mission. It was a cool experience having them tell us all about how Talin's doing & what his mission is like. The family was cute & it was fun getting to know them. 
Once they left I met up with Nate, Jared. & Alex. We played this card game called Magic at Jared's house. It's basically like an adult version of Yug-i-oh. Hannah came over later and we all just talked the rest of the night. It was good seeing me friends since it had been awhile! 

7•14 {day 43}

I originally got work off but I covered for someone in the morning. After I got done I took my cute little brothers to the pool. 
Later in the day we met up with Nancy to go visit grandma in the hospital (recovering from surgery) 
But I'm pretty sure we spent more time messing around & eating hospital saltines than we did visiting with grandma. It still was good to see her though. We met up with mom after that & went to dinner. Grandpa came along too. After the long day we went back over to dads.

7•13 {day 42} DAVIN'S BIRTHDAY

Wow was this a busy Sunday... I woke up & had to go straight to a meeting. When I got home we had breakfast, opened presents & celebrated little D's bday. Next we went to mom's sacrament so I could get my Young Women's personal progress recognition medallion. After that we went to my dads ward. I left an hour early so I could make it to a work meeting. Then I came home right in time for dinner. The rest of the night we played with one of Davin's new presents like Family Feud & watched a movie. 

7•12 {day 41}

Since it was Saturday & I didn't have work, I slept in pretty late. Once I woke up me & my dad went shopping for Davins birthday/ his party. Later in the afternoon we set up the slip-in-slide & had a party! It was a blast. After a while some of my friends showed up and hungout with us for a bit. It was a fun afternoon in the sun. Then that night my mom & I had appointments for a massage. IT WAS AMAZING. I've never been so relaxed. Plus the place was beautiful & they treated us like princesses. I loved it. Such a great birthday present!

7•11 {day 40}

Clearly you can tell this is becoming a lot harder than I thought... It's been a while so I'll try to remember my day. 
I started off at work that morning & then went and got free slurpees with my family since it was 7/11 day so that was pretty fun! 
Then we ran some errands as a family. We spent our night with a redbox movie & our usual treat, Muddy Buddies. Overall a pretty great day. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Starting a new chapterπŸ’›

This is perfect! It fits exactly with my life at this time. Now that I'm officially an adult & it's almost time to move out for college it's time for me to figure out who I am, what I like/don't like, & who I'll be. It's probably the most important time in my life. Everything is based on the decisions I make for the next little bit. 

7•10 {day 39} MY BIRTHDAY

Today was unreal! I've never felt so loved... We started the morning bright & early with breakfast at the hotel. When I got home I hungout with my little brothers. Later my dad got home & took us bowling/to an arcade. 
We met up with mom for dinner at Olive Garden! 
After dinner I met back up with my friends and we spent the night @ the Hot Pots!! 
I had the perfect day surrounded by all the people I love filled with lots of birthday wishes from family, friends, & strangers! It was so special, the best was to ring in the big one eight1⃣8⃣

7•9 {day 38}

I started off the day by watching tv with my littlest bros all morning... Then followed by Nextflix. I had dinner at the bloxhams & we hungout there for a while.
Sophie came over to give me a present & catch up. Little did I know my friends we're waiting for her to leave so they could surprise me with my birthday celebrations. Finally she left so the girls attacked me & but a blind fold over my face. I was sooo confused & had no idea what was going on.
 After driving around and a lot of walking we ended up at a hotel! We went swimming, did facials, got our nails done & had a good time. 
This surprise was probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. I'm so blessed to have such amazing friends!! 

7•8 {day 37}

"A long day at Lifetime" sums up my day. I had my usual morning shift but then I told this guy I'd cover for him... So I layed out at the pool for a couple hours inbetween shifts. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I was definitely worn out! When I got done around 8 o'clock I headed over to my dads. I went on a pretty long run to clear my head, which I found out is the best way to do that. Then I watched TV the rest of the night. So ya my day was boring. 


7•7 {day 36}

First thing I did was hit up the gym. Then I came home & chatted with curt for a while. After that I spent the whole afternoon watching Netflix- One Tree Hill really. I was completely fine with that. Sometimes it's nice to just watch tv all day. But then the relaxation ended & I had to go to work.That was pretty much the extent of my day.  

Friday, July 11, 2014

7•6 {day 35}

SUNDAY FUNDAY!!! We had such a fun day! Because of the competitive attitudes we all have we decided to back over to the Alpine Slides to race some more!! 
After doing the slides & coasters a couple more times we went back to Rocky Mountain Choclate Factory for some ice cream this time! 
We went back to play 7/11 & eat dinner before me & Collin came home early. Once we were home Curtis & jordan came over for pizza & a movie. It wasn't long before everyone fell asleep so it just turned into a sleepover.❤️❤️❤️

7•5 {day 34}

The morning started off at the pool... My favorite❤️ After lounging around the "camp site" we took a trip to Park City to ride the alpine slides. 
We had a fun time racing each other! Everyone really enjoyed it. After that we stopped by the Choclate Factory for some caramel apples. We ended the night with more card games in the RV. Such a fun day. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

7•4 {day 33} FOURTH OF JULY

Happy Independence Day. Today was a great day full of many, many laughs! We drove around Park City... saw some floats & vendors. After lunch we took a dip in the pool. Played a bunch of card games then went to a cute little burger joint in Heber for dinner. It was funn spending quality time with my family! We went to Midway for fireworks then ended the night cruising Main Street with the music blasting! Everyone was so happy & sorta festive so it made the day more enjoyable. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

7•3 {day 32}

I didn't work so I slept in pretty late. After I woke up I had a couple chores & laundry to do so I could pack to leave. My mom & aunts rented a motor home for the weekend. It took us a while to get going but once we did we got there quickly. We didn't do much besides set up camp, eat, & play cards. But that night they had a movie under the stars in the park. It was a fun filled family day.❤️

7•2 {day 31}

I didn't really do a whole lot today... Mainly just worked, got my eyelashes done & cleaned my room. But I layed out by the pool for a bit
Then did go visit Nate who got his wisdom teeth taken out. I brought him over some ice cream then we just played & watched movies for a while. After a lot of wrestling I finally got him to take a picture with me. Haha 

7•1 {day 30}

My dad stared off the same as any other day- working. After work I layed out by the pool for a couple hours. That night I went with Syd and Curtis to Orange peel
It was delicious & we got to see our cute friend sidthekid working! We decided to go say goodbye to Nick one last time. We met up at lifetime in the parking lot. Nick's last wish was to cut off Curtis' Jedi braid. We went & got some scissors from the front desk then nick cut it off. Curtis almost started crying he was so sad but his hair was so dead it needed to be done! We said our goodbyes to Nicholas and that was it. I was super sad...