Friday, July 4, 2014

6•30 {day 29}

Well let's just say my day started pretty dang good & it wasn't even my birthday... (Thanks Nick) unfortunately I had to go to work after a long night with hardly any sleep. But thanks to the morning I had it wasn't too hard. After work I ran some errands and hung out at home. Later that night I went back over to the bloxhams to hangout & give Syd her present. We ended up going swimming over at Morgans but only after the little wax party me and Syd had. Haha. We tried to make the most out the past couple days especially since it's Nick's last days here.
B I R T H D A Y shoutout to my cute friend sydney. I'm so grateful we became friends 3 years ago. I don't know what high school would've been like without her. We've been by each others side through it all... I know we've had our ups & downs but it definitely has brought us closer than ever. I'm blessed to be best friends with someone as fun & funny a she is. I love her so much & know we'll be friends forever.  

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