Sunday, August 10, 2014

8•3 {day 63}

This summer has been full of Sunday fundays!!! So of course today was another one! We woke up & went to sacrament (my first hour of church in a month!) ((I've been slackin' on that)) After I went to get drinks with Collin & Ryker then we watched a movie! 
Later that day we hiked up to slick rock to slide down the natural water slide
I didn't even have time to put my clothes or shoes on before it started to downpour! We all scattered down the mountain like crazy people. I ran down the mountain without shoes on... I was practicing for 'naked and affraid' we made it back to the walkers and got warmed up then watched another movie! Such a fun family filled day! 


8•2 {day 62}

Because it was Saturday we had to do our daily chores. After that we went to lifetime as a family!! We worked out & went swimming. Then after dinner we went to the walker for a sleepover! We also watched a movie as a family under the stars!! 
It was another great day!!

8•1 {day 61}

I was working at lifetime all morning like usual. After I went to the gym then dinner at cafe rio with jordan. Later that night some people came over for a movie under the stars. We set up a sheet & projector then layed on my tramp. Everyone left super late that night except Curtis, so we had a sleepover on the trampoline. It was so much fun! I definitely made some memories❤️

7•31 {day 60}

I basically had the worst day at work ever. I had to fill out 3 incident reports in the first hour. There were crying kids everywhere!! I spent the rest of the day watching tv with my family but we also went and got shakes!!

7•30 {day 59}

Slept in, watched tv, went to the gym with my dad, then picked up Nate. We went to meet the guys at football to give my dad his wallet then Nate and I went back to my house. We hungout & hottubbed all night (K maybe some kissing too) but it was a good day.

7•29 {day 58}

Work. That was my day... I had a double shift so all I did was work (and a little Netflix in between)

7•28 {day 57}

I had work in the that night but it turned out to be a pretty great night. It was the night I had been waiting five months for. It finally happened.
Well first after I got off work I headed over to Nates house and we watched a movie after the movie he walked me to my car... And yeah.